Episode 2: Freelancing and Consulting While Job Searching with Daniel Wallen


September 20th, 2020

51 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

"Dont be discourage when you see people who sound genuises on social media or maybe if you're a Lambda Student for example maybe if you see coding brainiacs on Slack, what you see is just a highlight reel. No body is born like that {...} we're just regular human beings and people don't reveal the struggles they face before they got big."

On this episode, we sit down with Daniel Wallen, a freelance internet architect who shares his previous and current job search experience. Daniel runs a pet adoption website called tripets.com showing adoptable pets in the community in the tri cities of Tennessee while doing his job search. He attended Lambda School where he zeroed in on specific roles that would lend well to his previous experiences working at a marketing agency. Now he applies to jobs as a sales engineer, growth hacking content, marketing, community management while doing his freelancing gigs.

As a freelancer, his mission as an Internet Architect is to build digital real estate that attracts and converts at a scale while you're asleep - helping promote websites of clients and find customers at a faster pace especially during the pandemic where online presence is vital.

"Only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday and as long you beat that guy or gal [...] you'll be fine." - Daniel Wallen